Favourites: August

Favourites: August


Happy Thursday how are you I hope you’re all doing well. so as you know I have been banging on about how ill I am and how bad I am feeling, I went to the doctors today and I’ve now had to be signed off work for a week because my body is in no fit state to be working. So I am spending my time in bed taking my antibiotics 4 times a day drinking plenty of fluids and trying to keep the dog company.

My pipes are a little late due to the fact that I am just over sleeping I go for a nap and they turn into a 6-7 hours sleep and I honestly do you feel better for them but I also feel like I need another nap after that so I essentially just spend all my time sleeping.

Tonight as you can tell from the title I am bringing you my August favourites. I can’t believe that August will be over tomorrow that is bloody insane, the month really has just flown by and we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas! I have started working on my Blogmas posts so, if any of you are interested in collaborating with me throughout Blogmas do leave a comment and I will message you.

Shall we jump straight into why the actually here.

My August favourites

I think we should start off with an easy one, my Pinterest account. if you don’t already you can follow my Pinterest by clicking the link here. Pinterest was on my favourites list because but so long I had no idea how it worked I wasn’t getting any followers I wasn’t getting any views at all, I didn’t have any boards actually, and then I suddenly found my spark for it and ever since then I have fell in love with it! it’s super easy to use it’s super fun to create new boards especially when it’s 2 in the morning and you can’t sleep.

Next up is another app, this app is called dreamie planner and I have recently started using this to work out my blog post schedule. it is literally the easiest thing to use you can customise a theme which is super cute and it has definitely kept me on track with everything else is going on.

So so many of you are glossybox lovers which I was totally unaware of, so the majority of you have either received this or read about this on another bloggers site, but this Kaleido cosmetics highlighter is everything and more! Honestly it lasts for hours, the shine is bloody amazing and I think the shade is absolutely perfect for my skin tone.

Next up on my favorites list is this beautiful bunch of flowers. These are actually it my nans flowers I keep dropping hints to a certain someone about buying me some flowers but I don’t think he has clicked yet so I may have to go and purchase some myself. I just feel that flowers are such an amazing gift they can brighten up your mood instantly and they make your room smell absolutely gorgeous so there is that too it to.

If if you follow my Instagram which I will leave a link to here you would have seen that have been spending most of my time in front of this fake the most amazing thing about this fire is yes it is fake so I can’t actually burn myself or burn the house down, I can still make it produce heat so I can feel super cosy next to a warm fire without any of the health and safety risks.

The last item on my favourites list is this Tetley Berry burst boost tea. With feeling so rough I have definitely needed something that is going to help bring my immune system back up and fight against whatever this is. This he is absolutely incredible warm and cold it doesn’t taste the greatest I won’t lie but I think that’s because I don’t like berries apart from strawberries. this is definitely made me feel a little bit better but so has the antibiotics and cold and flu tablets I have taken so I can not give all the credit to this tea.

That is it for my August favourites I would love to know what is on your favourites list you can leave links to your post below or comment them and I will reply. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post if you have be sure to leave me a like.

Tomorrow will be my August go review and I will be letting you know what will be happening with my blog once September starts. so if that is something you got interested in knowing and make sure you head back here tomorrow at 9pm and I will reveal everything.

I hope you have had a wonderful day and I hope you have a great evening I look forward to seeing it in the comments and the rest of you tomorrow.

Sending you lots of love,

A x



  1. August 31, 2018 / 11:23 am

    I love the Tetley berry burst too! It’s one of my faves. Loved th post as always xx

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