Get to know me – Part one

Get to know me – Part one

Hello lovelies,

Happy Saturday I hope you have all had a wonderful day I have had work today and I have had a really good nap this afternoon and now I am sat here writing this blog post whike waiting to go downstairs to cook myself some dinner.

The the weather for me today has been absolutely incredible it definitely is my favourite sort of weather, I’ve had the sun shining with a few rain showers with it being really cold and I have just loved it. how has the weather been for you today I know a few of us have had it from one extreme to the next in terms of a heat wave to it absolutely chucking it down.

Tonight I thought I would do something a little more fun. I have found a get to know me tag that has over 300 questions and I thought I would break it down two into three parts and share more about me. I have had quite a few new followers recently and I think that since I decided to purchase my site so that I own my domain which is pretty cool. I’m not the most interesting person but I thought it’d be fun for people love to get to know me on a more personal level then what you would normally get. So without any more rambling I’m going to jump straight into my first 100 questions.

Get to know me

  1. What is your full name? – Alanna.
  2. What does your name mean? – when I look up the meaning of my name I always get different answers so I’m not really sure to be honest.
  3. Are you named after anyone? – my first name isn’t after anyone but my middle name is after my great nan or something like that.
  4. Does your name make any interesting anagrams? – not that I can think of, if you can think of one and leave it in the comments below.
  5. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? – I’ve always wanted to change my name to Lola ever since I was little so I probably would go with that. the more I look at myself in think about my name I don’t see myself suiting any other name but I think I asked just because I’ve had it for 19 years now it’s kind of growing with me if that makes sense.
  6. Where are you from? – I’m just going to be really bored and say that I’m from Kent which is in England for those of you who have no idea where that is.
  7. Where were you born? – I was born in a hospital I’m not going to reveal my hometown I think that because unfortunately there are a lot of weirdos around and yeah I want to keep myself safe.
  8. Where did you grow up? – I grew up in a flat for a year I believe or maybe two and then we moved into a house which I had lived in until I moved in with my nan.
  9. Who did you look up to growing up? – I don’t really remember who I looked up to I just know that both my grandad’s had a massive role in my life I would always want to please them and make them proud and I still do even though they’re not with me anymore so I guess I could say that but then I’d also say my mum because I think everyone’s mum isn’t somewhere their Idol.
  10. What are your favourite things about yourself? – I have the best natural bum there is, I am actually quite proud of it to be honest.
  11. Which of your parents are you closest to? – Both my mum and dad equally. I am obsessed with my dad! But I can tell my mum everything, like everything!
  12. Which of your parents are you more like? – I have my mums attitude for sure but I also have my dads emotional side. I really am a split of the two!
  13. Are your grandparents still married? – My nan and Granddad are still married, they were very much in love and she misses him deeply everyday, she visits his grave a lot. My Gran and my Granddad had a divorce way before I was born.
  14. What relative was important to you growing up & why? – I’d say I was close to my brother and sister growing up, there are two years between me and my older brother and a year and some months between my sister and I. They were definetley my best friends growing up.
  15. What is one thing that you’ve never revealed to your parents? – Honestly, I tell them everything!
  16. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? – If I was a boy I was going to be called Nathaniel.
  17. What do you call your grandparents? – I have a Nan which is my mums mum and a Gran who is my dads mum.
  18. What is your best physical feature? – Aside from my bum that I have already mentioned, I have really pretty eyes. They change from blue to grey.
  19. What is your biggest accomplishment? – So far I’d say my biggest accomplishment is getting a diploma in Forensic science.
  20. What is your biggest fear? – My biggest fear is that I cannot have kids. I don’t have any reason for this fear though!
  21. What is your biggest regret? – I don’t have any, I’ve learnt all of my lessons through my mistakes, so I wouldn’t say I regret anything.
  22. What is your eye colour? – Blue but also grey.
  23. What inspires you? – Life itself inspires me, there is always something that makes me want to continue my journey.
  24. What is the most important thing in your life? – I have a lot of important things in my life, way too many to share with you.
  25. What has required the most courage of you in your life so far? – There was once a time where I wanted to end my life, so I’d say being in that situation definetley needed a lot of courage to beat through it.
  26. Who is your favourite actor? – I’m always going to say Robert Pattinson!
  27. Who is your favourite actress? – Jennifer Lawrence will always be the best!
  28. Who is your favourite celebrity? – I have the biggest crush on Khloe Kardashian! She is my inspiration.
  29. Who’s your favourite person in the world? – Again, I’d say Khloe Kardashian!
  30. What is your favourite childhood memory? – I loved every moment with my Granddad, he was my favourite person ever. I also had great memories with the church choir.

I hope you enjoyed this post and getting to know me a little more. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will answer them. Thank you so much for reading, I’ve noticed recently I have had a lot of new followers so I would love to know something about you too!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new interview! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day and have a great evening!


A x



    • August 20, 2018 / 10:00 pm

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post Fiona ❤️

  1. August 21, 2018 / 7:47 am

    Great to get to know you better sweet. I love your name, Lola sounds nice too, but Alanna is very different and beautiful. I’m also proud of my natural bum, never thought natural can look so big but nice as well hahah. xx

    • August 21, 2018 / 10:06 am

      Aww thank you! Haha, natural bum squad all the way 😉 xx

  2. August 22, 2018 / 5:41 pm

    Loved getting to know you better! I love Khloe Kardashian too, haha xx

    • August 22, 2018 / 6:55 pm

      Thank you! I find she’s just so relatable and honest xx

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