Review: Natural World Coconut collection

Review: Natural World Coconut collection

Hello lovelies,

Happy Wednesday, I hope you’re all well. How has your day been? I have had a very busy day, I’ve had a hometown fate for the children so I had to go and look after them.

Tonight I have finally got round to writing my review for the Natural World Coconut hair collection. I won this in a giveaway on Instagram back in June. I featured the collection in my Current hair care favourites but I’ve been using this for the past few months and I think it’s finally time to share my thoughts.

I feel that coconut genuinely works well in my hair. It has so many benefits and I know that any coconut hair product I use, won’t cause any irritation and helps nourish my hair while being soft on the scalp.

I received big bottles of both the shampoo and conditioner and it’s all gone already! I must admit, my family has been using the conditioner as well and runs around asking for people to smell their hair (we’re a real weird bunch).

My hair is usually thick and in the summer it dries out very quickly. I’ve had to wash my hair every other day, which usually would make my scalp really sensitive.

The coconut collection has lose my hair look healthy your healthy and smell incredible. It’s not as brittle and doesn’t snap when I brush my hair.

I use the coconut oil just before I blow dry my hair because I feel it adds a little bit of protection and it doesn’t make my hair feel thick. When I’m not blow drying my hair, I put it in and let my hair dry naturally which doesn’t take long in the heat we’ve been having.

I’ve purchased another two bottles of the shampoo and conditioner from my local Tesco store because 1) it’s always a good idea to stock up) and 2) I want my hair to stay healthy. These products are inexpensive but do such an amazing job!

Natural world has other collections such as Argan Oil of Morroco, Rose Oil & Ylang Ylang and Chia Seed Oil. The best part about the products isn’t just how amazing they smell, but also the fact they are cruelty free and suitable for vegans too!

If you want to know more about Natural World you can find their website here. They also have an Instagram account which you can find here.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed my post. If you have, leave a like and comment below. I’m always open to criticism as long as it’s productive, so if you didn’t enjoy this post, or you feel I could have done something differently, please do let me know! After all, I want my posts to be the best!

I hope you have a wonderful day, I’ll be back tonight at 8pm. Two posts in one day! You guys are being spoilt 😉.

Sending you all my love,

A x


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