F.A.B razor review

F.A.B razor review


Happy Wednesday lovelies! I hope you have had a wonderful day, I haven’t enjoyed it, it’s been too hot and I’ve spent my time at work getting hotter and hotter. I hope you have been able to enjoy the heat!

Tonight I am reviewing the F.A.B razor that I received a few weeks ago. I have given there’s a fair trial by using it 3x a week and using my old Poundland razor three times a week too. Obviously I didn’t shave my legs 6x a week I have had this for two weeks so I spreaded it out to make sure that I had a fair enough trial to compare.

I am not actually fussy it with my razors I am very happy with buying a pack from Poundland and using them instead of paying fortune in the supermarket for one. I quite happy using a disposable one I am not that into you having to change the razor head instead of changing the whole razor just because I feel like that’s what harbours the most bacteria and then I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion.

I’ve used cheap razors for as long as I can remember and I have never had an issue with it apart from one that had shea butter in which cause an allergic reaction so that’s how I found out I’m allergic to shea butter. I’m also not very happy about you male or female branding or make it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. They will do the same job so I don’t really understand the difference is.

Anyway onto the f.a.b razor, has double blades which means you can essentially go up and down your desired patch and it will cut the hair while you’re going up and catch the little strands on its way down again.

What I love about this function is the fact that it means I don’t miss any hairs. now I am pretty sure most of us have been in that position where you have shaved your legs and you are running your hands over your legs to make sure that their smooth and there’s no has that have been missed but you’ll always find has that have been missed, it’s as if they suddenly appear once you finished shaving I don’t understand.

Now I don’t have that problem my legs are always smooth they look amazing when tanned and I don’t have to worry about any loose hairs when wearing dresses or shorts because I know that they are 100% gone.

The Razor isn’t large it’s size of any normal razor it just has two blades instead of one. I loved the fact that this razor is pink I’m sure you can get different colours I think they might do men’s one as well I’m not sure as this is the first time I have heard of the brand or tried any of their products.

I am definitely going to be using the freezer from now on simply because it makes me feel a lot cleaner it makes my leg feel and look amazing and I definitely feel this razor has done a better job than previous ones I’ve owned.

I just want to put out there that obviously you don’t have to shave if you don’t want to It’s all down to you personal preference I like to shave because it makes me feel clean and I like the feeling when I’m not shaved but that’s not me telling you that you have to use as razor any have to shave because that is not the case.

I want to say a huge thank you to a glamour beauty for sending out this product I 100% wouldn’t have thought to pick you up if I was out shopping but I definitely will from now on. This product was gifted to me by glamour beauty this is not a paid post and all opinions are of course my own.

Thank you so much for reading I know this is different to what I’d normally post about but I hope you have enjoyed it anyway. If you have be sure to leave me a like and comment below which razor is a few of course you use one.

Thank you again for reading I will be back tomorrow with a brand new post at my normal time of 8pm GMT, I’m sorry for the late post tonight I was out with my nan.

Sending you lots of love,



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