10 things I can’t live without

10 things I can’t live without


Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you’ve had an amazing day. I’m back! What a shock!

For those of you who haven’t noticed, I have had a short break because I was ill and I just didn’t have the energy to do anything but, I was also going through a period of wanting to delete everything and re-start because I dislike everything. I’m out of that stage now though, I am not getting rid of anything, instead, I have made a second blog (you can find it here) where I’ll be uploading chatty posts on a Wednesday. I’ll share more about that later.

Anyway, let’s get into tonight’s post. I have been thinking a lot about my posts and I have made a list of over 1,000 ideas so I am making my way through them. If you need post ideas, I uploaded a 50 post idea’s list here or if there’s nothing you can find there, feel free to drop me a message, I’ll happily send over ideas. I have been using these items everyday for as long as I can remember, I wont leave the house without them either, here’s what they are and why.

10 things I can’t live without

  • GlassesIf I am not wearing my sunglasses, I am wearing my normal glasses, technically they’re fake and literally have no purpose, but I suit glasses really well and I technically need to get my eyes tested (my eye sight is so bad!)
  • WaterI have to take a drink with me anywhere, I get so thirsty which is annoying because the more I drink, the more I need a pee, and I cannot use a public bathroom. I have brought myself a cute water bottle to take with me because I have a standard plastic bottle.
  • Lip balm I don’t actually suffer from cracked lips or anything, but isn’t it just lush when you have lip balm on and your lips look fresh, hydrated and huge (I have a plumping balm).
  • Earphones I’m not a very social person, I get so frustrated by people so it’s super useful when I have my earphones in my bag ready to whip out when they do something stupid or someone tries talking to me.
  • Laptop I hate to admit this because I hate the fact that lives are so dependant on phones and technology in general. But, in all honesty I am one of those people too, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing without the use of my laptop.

  • A Jacket I don’t have many jackets in fact I thin I only have the one, but I always have a jacket with me, even in the summer. I get cold easily (because my body cannot regulate it’s own body temperature) and it makes a good blanket too.
  • Perfume I have recently brought myself some new sprays/perfumes (I’ll do a collection post at some point) and I always make sure I have at least one with me at all times.
  • A bag How else can I carry everything? At the moment I use my backpack, but I do like to switch it up a bit. I do like my backpack though.
  • Purse I don’t always have money in my purse or in my bank for that matter, but I feel like I have to have a purse if I have a bag, it just makes sense.
  • Chewing gum I go through chewing gum like it’s going out of fashion. I have three at a time as it is. I have boxes, tubs and packets everywhere, I even found a pack in my make-up draw!

That’s my ten things I cannot live without, I would love to know what you can’t live without too.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my post, if you did, leave a like and comment below. I know I have been absent so it would be really nice to catch up with you.

Before I go, I just want to do a quick run through for the next few months.

The rest of July:
  • I will be uploading for the remainder of July, I will be uploading a vlog this Sunday. My first post on my second blog will be up on Wednesday 6pm.
  • I will be vlogging every week
  • Uploads will be 8pm on this blog, Wednesdays 6pm on my second blog and interview posts will be up at 7pm as normal.
  • I have a lot of review posts going up this month.
  • I will be looking for blogger collaborations during this month, if anyone is interested please fill out my contact form.
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Thank you for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow at 7pm with an interview with Zoe.

Have a wonderful evening,


A x



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