June: Goal review

June: Goal review


Happy Sunday my lovelies, how are you? I have had to deal with some blog issues over the last few days which has lead to this post being deleted along with 9 other posts! So, I am sorry that this post is so late!

Tonight, I am finally getting to write up my June goal review. So without further ado, here is a little recap of my June goals.

My June Goals

  • Selfies – I am definitely feeling confident and I feel I should capture that more. My Instagram theme for this month is to upload a selfie and my blog post header everyday, so I better get snapping!
  • Cooking – As you know, I have recently moved out and I am loving it! I cooked my own meal the other day and I was so proud of myself. Seeing as I have moved out, I think now is the perfect time to start to learn how to cook different things, I am a pro at chicken and stir fry ect but when it comes to other things, I’m not so good at. If you have any cookbooks you recommend drop them in the comments, or if you’re a brand willing to partner up with me to create a great post, email me at lifelikeagalaxygirl@gmail.com
  • Clean room – I have just moved out, and cleaning is a huge thing for me anyway, but my room is a lot bigger then my old one, so I have to make sure I clean it everyday and do a proper deep clean every week. (I’m a clean freak!)
  • Reach out – There are so many people and brands I would love to collaborate with but I haven’t had the confidence to contact them. I had a bit of an issue with a brand last month which put me off wanting to reach out with brands, but I’m going to put that aside and put myself and my blog out there more.
  • Snacks – I have to start eating more, I’m doing well so far, but I need to start eating regularly in order to carry on losing weight.
  • Treating myself – I haven’t really done this since my birthday, so I think it is long overdue. I’m doing a lot of overtime so I’m going to treat myself to new clothes, make-up, furniture and other little things at the end of the month. Expect a huge haul!
  • Routine – I need to set myself a daily routine of tasks and when to get up/ go to bed. At the moment, it’s a huge shock to the system being somewhere new with no restrictions, but I’m sure I’ll get myself back on track.
  • Pictures – Since getting my new phone, my blog pictures are so much better! I’m definitely going to be working hard on creating the most amazing pictures for my posts.
  • Think outside the box – It’s something that I should do all the time, but I quite like my own space and doing things my way. So I need to break that, if any of you have any tips, please drop them in the comments below.
  • Carry on smiling – my confidence has exploded and I’m actually loving myself without the need for someone to tell me that I look good, or that I’m doing well. Everything I do at the moment is making me smile, so I’m going to stick with it and carry on putting myself and my mental health first.

I’ll be honest, I forgot I set a few of them, so let’s see how well I have done.

Did I achieve them?

  • Think outside the box – In terms of my blog, I haven’t really done that, but in terms of my outside life, I most definetley did not achieve this either! I’m just not a great thinker to be honest with you.
  • Carry on smiling – I have wanted to have meltdowns and spend my time crying, like yesterday when my 10 posts disappeared and I have no way of getting them back and today because I have just overdone it in this heat and I feel like crap! But, I have kept smiling. I haven’t given in yet!
  • Selfies – I achieved this! Check out my Instagram as proof (why not give me a follow while you’re there)
  • Cooking – My mum has cooked for me a lot because my nan doesn’t really eat dinner. I do need to learn though! Please leave me your cookbook recommendations.
  • Clean room – My room is clean! I have re-arranged it three times already, but it is clean!
  • Reach out – I have collaborated with some of my favourite bloggers and I am in talk with brands and other bloggers right now too. I am proud of myself for reaching out.
  • Snacks – I haven’t achieved this because I haven’t been eating a lot. But I have lost weight so I’m happy!
  • Treating myself – I have done this! I’ll be doing a haul within the next week! I’m going to purchase some more things too!
  • Routine – I am in a full routine now and I am so happy! I am in a night routine, skincare routine, blog routine. I have a routine, that’s my point.
  • Pictures – I am 100% doing so much better with my pictures. My posts (that I have to re-write) has some amazing pictures!

I have done so well this month with my goals! I am actually surprised with myself. I am beyond happy that I have been able to stick to my goals while everything else has been chaos.

I want to thank you for reading, again, I apologise for my post being late. I am doing my best to get things back on track (I’ll be having a few late nights that’s for sure!0.

If you have enjoyed my post, let me know by leaving a comment and a like. I will be back at 9:30pm with my July goals! I look forward to seeing you there.

Lots of love,

A x


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