July: Goals

July: Goals


How are you? I’m on a writing spree right now, I am having to catch up on 10 posts that wiped from my site. So I am running a little behind but I am hoping I will catch up soon ish.

If you didn’t know I have posted my June goals review post, it is the paste before this so if you haven’t read it already please do you head on over and check it out.

Tonight I am sharing my July goals with you, I have set myself 10 goals to complete by the 31st of July so without further ramblings let’s check out what my goals are.

My July goals

1. Freedom – I hate being on my own it leaves me too much time with my own thoughts and that’s really not a good thing, but moving out I have had to learn that I will be on my own a lot and I can’t run back to my mum and dad’s every time I feel lonely. I need to see this as a new opportunity to find something I love and to enjoy the freedom I have.

2. Read – I feel like this is a goal pretty much every month but I just don’t have the time to sit there and read my book. if I am not working on my blog which I am doing a 75% of the time I am working on living a normal life where I balance work family and social activities. I do need to pick a day where I just take the evening off to you read a book.

3. Workout – I am losing a lot of weight simply because I am not eating as much as I used to be but I feel like although I am losing weight I should also be working out in order to maintain the weight loss and to get a good figure.

4. Speak up – last month I left a lot of things get to me and I mean A LOT, I just didn’t have the balls to say that I didn’t like what was going on and I just sat there and silence and let everything get on top of me until I finally broke. This month I need to stand up a lot more and share my opinions and views on things because problems can’t be fixed if people don’t know who they were there to begin with.

5. Saving – I had a talk with my bank the other day and it turns that my savings account is the crappiest savers account ever I have a 0% interest which means when I put money in I am not getting anything in return so I am currently in the process of moving to a better savings account which gives me more benefits which will help you when it comes to saving. I am working a lot more each month now and now I am contacted my wages are different to which means I am able to put more than £1 away each month towards my savings account.

6. Vision boards – vision boards are my biggest motivation but I just don’t create enough of them to inspire myself. I need to start creating more vision boards with in aspects that I want to move forward in. My vision boards always help me stay on track of my goals which is good because I then don’t stray and try to achieve something else.

7. More time with my Nan – although I have moved in with her I don’t feel like I spend enough quality time with her so I need to change that. I’m sort of like a lodger that just pay the rent and occasionally eats dinner with her but that’s about as far as it goes which when you think about it is actually quite sad.

8. Adventures – I need to stop letting my fears control what I do and don’t do. I spend so much time over analysing situations that I don’t enjoy what other people enjoy because I left the past cloud my judgement. Say I am determined to you go on more adventures even if they’re just little ones just something that I can say that I’ve done without having the fear that something will go wrong.

9. Wear more make-up – I know this is a weird goal but I feel make my makeup skills have a massively improved and I am getting more and more compliments each time I wear make-up with lips my self-esteem majorly. I have recently bought myself a new eyeshadow palette so I want to you use that and have some fun creating some new looks.

10. Try to enjoy the sun – the heat and I do not get on I hate the heat with a passion but I need to get out there more and enjoy the sun and stop letting my low self-esteem get in the way of that. I brought myself some new summer clothes but I have talked myself into the fact that I am too fat to wear them so I am still in leggings and jumpers in heat that is like 29°C.

That is it for my July goals I hope you have enjoyed reading them I would love to know what your July goals are you can either pop a few down in the comments or if you have created your own actually goals post do you leave a link below and I will head on over and check out your post.

I am hoping tomorrow’s post will be on time I will definitely be back with the new post tomorrow so I hope I will see you all then.

Sending you all lots of love and I hope you have had an amazing start to July.


A x


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  1. July 2, 2018 / 2:59 pm

    Great goals! Spending time with family is so important, love that it’s on here!

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