What’s in my summer bag

What’s in my summer bag


Happy Wednesday! Today I am very happy to tell you that I am sharing another collaboration post. Tonight I am collaborating with Candice. Make sure you check out her post too.

I brought myself a new bag last month on a bit of a splurge and I don’t regret it at all. The bag well backpack cost me £70 and I look forward to using this everyday. So I have packed some items I am going to need everyday in summer. Let’s take a look shall we?

What’s in my summer bag?


I think sunglasses are a necessity just when the sun shining to be honest. I absolutely love my rose gold tinted glasses they only cost me £10 it is a bargain price. At the moment the UK is having some sort of heat wave and my glasses are out everyday and I love it.

Lip balm

I find that my lips get really dry during the warm months which is unusual because normally it happens when the weather is colder, but because of this I like to carry my lip balm in my bag, it’s a multi-purpose lip balm so I can use it on my nails as well just if I need to.


I love eating there is no way of getting around that so of course I have to take a snack with me, I’m currently losing weight so my snacks are healthy ones which is actually ideal seeing as it’s summer. I like to throw in a cereal bar every morning just in case I mean some energy during the day.

Sun spray

My sun spray that I received from altruist is definitely a must have during this heat. Hi brenda stay at the heat between peak times pictures 11am until 3pm and I reapply my sun spray every 2 hours if I am out in the direct sunlight or every three hours if I am out but mainly in the shade.

Body mist

The heat Makes You Sweat when you sweat you start to smell and I’m not a fan of that so I like to pack a body mist and a perfume but at the moment I’m waiting for my perfume to arrive because I run out, just because I don’t want to walk around smelling of sweat. I think smelling nice is just basic hygiene anyway but I feel like Jordan something you need to pay more attention two the way you smell because of the heat. That is just my opinion though so if I have offended you I am very sorry.


My eyelashes are becoming nonexistent and that just makes me wanna cry, so I like to top up on my mascara when I feel like my eyelashes are going a bit limp and not really lacking in the best condition. If I’m out with no make-up on and I start to feel really insecure when does Pops and mascara on and it can make the world of difference.

Coconut hair oil

Using hair oil is a necessity for me, my hair definitely thanks the work I put into looking after it. I feel your hair gets really damaged by the sun because of the heat so it’s not just hair dryers and other hair utensils. I know you that oil doesn’t protect your hair from heat, but it definitely makes a difference when I have some hair oil in and the sun is beaming down on me.


I can’t go anywhere without hair brush, I feel that you touch your hair more than you probably should have a day so you’re essentially put in your body oil into your hair make it greasy and making your hair into a complete mess, I carry my hairbrush around with me so I can brush my hair when I feel like it needs brushing whether that’s because I’ve touched it too much and have ruined it or because I’ve added some oil in my hair and need to brush it through.

That’s all the things that are currently in my summer bag I will probably be adding a water bottle and a beach towel soon and maybe a good book too, I definitely plan on using this a lot so you may find this featured on my social media a lot.

Thank you so much for reading I would love to know what you keep in your summer bag just drop me a comment below or if you have created post on it need your link below and I will be sure to head on over and give you some love.

if you have enjoyed tonight supposed don’t forget to check out Candice’s post and leave me a huge thumbs up and a comment below.

I am still looking for bloggers to collaborate with I am actually open to any idea whatsoever so if you’d like to get together feel free to drop me a message below and I will contact you asap.

I will be back tomorrow with a book review I am very excited to share it with you.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, make sure you drink plenty of water.

Lots of love

A x


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