My social medias and what I use them for

My social medias and what I use them for


Happy Friday huns, I hope you’ve had an amazing day. I have had a really good day, I have however managed to get a little sunburnt on my shoulders. I don’t think I quite realised how warm it actually was today.

Anyway tonight post I thought I would share my social media’s with you and just sort of give you an insight of what I share on them. I’ll do my best to leave links if I do forget to leave a link to one of them just pop me a comment and I will adjust that for you. So without further ado here are my social media’s.

My social medias

Let’s start with Instagram. I currently use Instagram everyday twice a day I played once in the morning and then once in the evening once my post has gone up. I do have a team currently but that will change when July comes. my current theme is a selfie every morning and then a post related picture in the evening, I’ve always had other things where I post inspirational quotes selfies pictures of blog posts so quite a mixture of things. I do plan on changing my theme every month to sort of tying with that month and the things that are going on so you won’t sort of see the same thing repeat itself straight away if that makes sense.

My Instagram following is absolutely insane I gain about 20 followers a day and then lose 15 of them because I don’t do the Fallout Fallout game I will follow you if I enjoy your content and if I feel that you could bring some sort of inspiration to what I do so if I don’t enjoy your content and I don’t see you as an inspirational or positive my account then I won’t follow you because I need that sort of inspirational positive vibe. atmosphere just because of the things I’ve been through I need to always sort of look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you do want to check out my Instagram please feel free I’m not saying I won’t understand follow you back because honestly nine times out of ten I do follow people back the link is here if you fancy a look.

My my Facebook page has always been the sort of neglected I suppose, I do tend to share why evening Instagram post onto my page as well but as far as sharing individual post to my page I just don’t seem to be doing that at the moment. I think part of the reason is because I don’t have a huge following on my page so I sort of feel like it’s pointless because I will put so much work into it and I don’t get anything in return if that makes sense. as of July because Jean is nearly over I will be using my Facebook page every day just because I want to build it up and make it a huge part of my blog I suppose.

If if you do have Facebook and you want to check out my page I will leave the link here I would appreciate it if you could just head on over and give it a like even if you turn the notifications off afterwards you’re like well definitely help out in the long run.

Snapchat is a bit of a weird one for me, I have a lot of family and friends on there so I always feel a bit weird sharing things about my blog, I also posted a lot of family related pictures on my story so I have to be really careful of who I let follow me because I post pictures of my young cousins and we all know what weirdos are about these days which is unfortunate but I would rather keep there safety then have a huge following and potentially put them in danger. I don’t think I can leave a link to Snapchat but you’re more than welcome to you save the picture and use it to scan a snapcode or you can add me by my username which is also under the bitmoji.

My my YouTube hasn’t really taken off that’s because I have spent so much my time invested in other things and I’ve kind of pushed it aside so that I could reach my goals in my other aspects of life. I am however planning on vlogging again I know that my vlogs are absolute shite but I enjoy filming them so I am just going to carry on.

If you do want to follow my YouTube the link will be here, I want to film a room tour and a house tour because of the I’ve moved out and I think that would be really cool thing to have on my YouTube so if you’re interested in that please do leave me at like below just so I know and I can get on the filming that for you.

I I don’t know how any of you feel about Tumblr, I literally have no idea how it works so I don’t have many followers and I don’t think I actually posted anything on there but I thought it was another platform that could potentially bring in readers are people interested in finding out things I don’t know really. If you do have Tumblr and you wanna give me a follow a link will be here for you to do so.

Pinterest for me is a bit of a weird one, I don’t really know what to pin and what not to pin and I don’t really know how to get a high engagement from my boards over to my blog.

At the moment I have a board for my brand collaborations why I prefer hot chocolate interviews and my a blogger collaborations I was thinking of doing a board for blog post ideas so if that’s something what interested in please do let me know and I will get you eating that because I know that a lot of people use Pinterest as a way to find inspiration for posts ideas which is great so if I could potentially help someone find something to blog about them that would be amazing. I will leave a link here if you fancy it I came out my Pinterest account.

I absolutely love Twitter, I feel like it’s the one social media where I can invent or a share my rants or weird secrets and no matter what it is people will just support you. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a few arguments on Twitter because I am a very strong headed person and I will stand up for what I believe in and I won’t let someone push my beliefs down just because they don’t feel the same way and that led me into a few arguments but that’s all in the past now they blocked me so that’s over and done with. I tend to share my blog post and everyone else has blood places to be honest on my Twitter I like to retweet a lot of things to do with a blogger collaborations and I know that a lot of you like to a comment on those threads to let brands know that you’re interested so if you want to follow me and read some weird things I share I will leave the link here for you.

Unfortunately unfortunately not many of you you know about we heart it and this happens to be my all time favourite app. I upload this daily, it’s an app where you can share anything really as long as it’s photos you can also create articles but I have a Blog so I don’t feel the need to create articles on there too because that would be like having two blogs, and technically I already have two blogs so I don’t need a third.

I create collections of things that I enjoy so at the moment I have a collection for fashion that I like for some home inspiration and some motivational / inspirational quotes. I will be adding more collections in such as nail inspirations things to do with blogging just a bit of random things that you wouldn’t normally share say on your Instagram. If you are interested in checking the app out I will leave a link here to my Page feel free to give me a follow or like a few pictures in my collections it’s completely up to you.

That is it for my social media’s I hope you have found this interesting and helpful post do you let me know if you already follow me on all of the accounts I have listed above and I will be sure to shout you out on as many of the accounts as I can I would also love to know you if you follow any of my social Media’s since reading this post if you do say for instance you decide to start selling my Instagram I will give you a shout out of my story is if you just leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for Reading I really hope to see some of you on my accounts, my Snapchat isn’t open account so I don’t have to add you back in order for you to send me a message so if any of you fancy a chat do you add my Snapchat and pop over a message.

if you have enjoyed my post be sure to let me know by leaving me and like and comment below. I will be back tomorrow with a very exciting collaboration post. I can’t wait to see you then.

Lots of love,

A x


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  1. June 25, 2018 / 10:37 am

    This is so interesting – when I first started blogging I was so confused about having so many platforms to promote my blog on and interact with other bloggers!

    Sending you good vibes!

    Nati x | | @NAfterCoffee

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