My skincare routine

My skincare routine


How are you all doing? I cannot wait for this week to be over, I’ve had the week off from work and I have absolutely hated it! I need to keep myself busy and this week, I just haven’t done that. Bring me the weekend so I can work, then I’ll be happy.

Today, I thought I’d share my skincare routine and talk about new products that I received this morning in a very lovely PR package. I’m going to start with the non advertising products first.

My skincare routine

1. I always start my skincare off by washing my face in lukewarm water with a clean flannel. I have sensitive skin so I can’t you use really hot water and I can’t use really cold water so I have to make sure that it’s in the middle so my skin doesn’t rash.

2. Next I use the simple sensitive skin experts kind to skin eye makeup remover. I obviously use this on my eyes to remove my makeup and my eyeshadow.

3. After that I use the t zone charcoal and bamboo ultra purifying face wash. I use this every day and I find that it has really helped with my pores.

If however I am having a bath I will use the simple sensitive skin experts kind to skin moisturising facial wash, so instead of using a T-zone one twice a week. I changed to the simple product just because I feel this one works better in the bath compared to the T-zone one.

4. Once I’m used my facial wash I then use the simple sensitive skin experts kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion, I use this day and night this is my Holy Grail product, I definitely cannot recommend this more I have a stock of this because it just works so well.

5. Once I finish with the purifying cleansing lotion, I then use the simple sensitive skin experts kind to skin soothing facial toner. As you can see I love the simple range products. I use this facial toner because it is 100% alcohol free it has no Artificial perfume or colouring and no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin which is obviously perfect for me with my sensitive skin.

6. Then to moisturise the skin because moisturizing is key, I you’ve the Buddha beauty Neroli daily defence facial moisturiser. Since receiving this as a PR package I have used this daily and I cannot recommend it enough. It has definitely changed my skin and I am very thankful.

To use my creams or lotion I like to use a cotton pad because they’re easy just a throw away once used and they are super soft so they’ll be no irritating the skin.

I don’t use a face wash in the morning, only at night, simply because my face is super sensitive in the morning, so I just the basics, cleansing lotion, facial toner and moisturiser.

New products (Ad)

While talking about skin care I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk about a PR package I receive this morning.

The lovely company a fade Out have sent over a day and night cream that I will be using in my daily routine instead of my buddha beauty moisturiser.

So so the plan is I use these products for 4 weeks each morning after cleansing I have to apply the Day Cream to my face and neck and then at night after I’ve cleanse I do the same with the night cream.

I have taken a before photo of how my skin left before I’ve used the products and after 4 weeks I will upload them after photo to show you how my skin looks after I’ve used the products.

I am looking forward to trying a new cream. It’s all formulated with active and natural ingredients it has a lot of vitamins in which is obviously good for you.

Fade Out of advance vitamin in which cream has been formulated with an enhanced vitamin complex to Norris hydrate and protect the skin whilst fade outs clinically proven brightening system even skin tone for a bright healthy and even complexion in just four weeks.

I am very much looking forward to trying this out I will leave the picture below of how terrible my skin is at the moment, wants the four weeks of that I will do a full review bias and let you know if it works if it didn’t work but as I say you’ll have to wait for the whole 4 weeks to be over with.

I’m always on the lookout for new skincare products I would prefer if they were vegan and I would like them to be animal friendly which means they don’t test on animals. I am at keep my fingers crossed that one day every company stops testing on animals but until that day comes if you have found any products that work for your skin especially if you have sensitive skin please drop me a comment below because I’d love to try and get my skin back under control.

That is it for my skin care post thank you so much for reading I hope that you have enjoyed if you have don’t forget to leave me a like and comment below your favourite skincare brand for your skin care recommendations. I’d also like to thank you all for 300 followers I can’t believe that I started my blog back in December and I am already smashing through on my goals.

I have decided that when we reach 500 followers, I’m going to do a huge skincare giveaway so that be the simple product range the t zone product range and if you face mask as well.

So if you are well into that sort of thing make sure that you share my post as much as you can I weigh share on my Facebook and my Twitter so if you just read me on there and as soon as we reach 500 followers the giveaway will be goming up.

I think I think you so much again for reading I will be back tomorrow with another new post I look forward to seeing then.

Lots of love,

A x



  1. June 7, 2018 / 9:18 pm

    I use the same simple sensitive skin face wash and also a Clean & Clear exfoliating one. I think I might check out that face cream. It always excites me to try something new that guarantees good things and contains good things. The Himalayan charcoal face mask from The Body Shop is really good! It’s pricey but it works quite well with my skin. It might not be for yours though, everyone’s different.
    Congrats on 300 followers!!

    • June 7, 2018 / 9:22 pm

      Thank you lovely, I’m still in shock that I have 300 lovely person like you who support me! I’ll definitely invest in the body shop mask, you never know until you try right. I’ve not heard of clean and clear, so I’ll definitely check them out too. Thank you for the recommendations xx

      • June 7, 2018 / 9:42 pm

        You deserve it!! You’re a great blogger! 😄 Be careful with the body shop mask cause you have sensitive skin. It can feel quite tingly on your skin. And no problem!

  2. June 16, 2018 / 3:01 pm

    I absolutely adore Simple products. Love seeing what you use from their range xx

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