I prefer hot chocolate #13

I prefer hot chocolate #13


Welcome back to another great interview. I am so thrilled to say that I have interviews scheduled up until the 28th August, but I am still waiting for some replies so I could be taking this well into September/October. I am hoping that I can make this last until December! At this rate, I’m pretty sure that’ll happen.

Today I am bringing you an interview with the wonderful Hailey from https://iwasateenagepolarbear.wordpress.com/. Let’s jump straight into Hailey’s interview.

Hailey’s interview

1. Introduce yourself, what is your name?

  • My name is Hailey and I’m a sixteen-year-old blogger and student from the United States! I really don’t have a niche but I often find myself talking about books and mental health most of all.

2. What made you want to start a blog?

  • I had wanted to start a blog for about three years by the time I finally got to make one. I became super sick when I was about thirteen and didn’t have any friends, so I spent a lot of time on the internet. I found a few bloggers (most of whom are inactive now, sadly) and I immediately related to them. Even though I never reached out and spoke to any of them, I felt a connection to them and it made me feel less lonely. I knew almost immediately that I wanted to do that for someone else if it were at all possible.

3. What inspired your blog name?

  • Oh gosh. My name is based on a really old nickname from my middle school days where I used to pretend I was married to a stuffed polar bear. I don’t really know where the name originated, but that’s kind of where the whole polar bear thing comes from.

4. Do you think your blog has been a success?

  • Maybe not to most people, but to me, I think it’s been a massive success. I’ve only been blogging since November of 2017 and even though my follower count might not be super high, I’ve met a lot of really really cool people who are all incredibly talented and nice and so I think that’s a bit of a success in itself.

5. How do you spend your day to day life when you are not blogging?

  • I spend my non-blogging day-to-day life as a student. I’m graduating from school a year early, so the increased workload I’ve had to pick up in order to attain that doesn’t leave a ton of time for much else. But when I have free time, I enjoy reading, watching TV/anime, and spending time with my friends.

6. Who knows about your blog and are they supportive?

  • My family knows about my blog, as do quite a few of my friends. I’ve never been particularly secretive about my blog because I really don’t have anything to hide. Not all of the people who know about it read it, but those who do are really supportive. It makes me feel good that the people I’m close to like my writing and whatnot.

7. If you wasn’t blogging, what do you think you would be doing?

  • N/A

8. What/who inspires your new posts?

  • Quite a few things inspire my blog, mainly other bloggers (including yourself). Some of the others that inspire me are Sophie and Mia (all of whom, including yourself, were among those bloggers that I read back before I had my own blog!)

9. Do you have any social media links you would like to share?

10. What is your blogging goal for the next 5 years?

  • Honestly, I don’t even know my own life plan for the next five years, haha! I hope I’m still blogging at that time, but who knows considering I’ll be out of college in five years and hopefully starting work as a teacher. Maybe I can blog about teaching English?

Thank you so much Hailey for taking part, I really enjoyed your answers and I am going to head over and check out your links. I hope you had fun answering the questions.

That’s the end of Hailey’s interview, make sure you head over and show her some support, I linked her blog at the top of the post and check out the links Hailey wished to share too.

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Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’ve had the best start to May.

Have a great evening,

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    Ahhh, thank you so much for featuring me love! You’re the best 💖

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      It was my pleasure sweet ❤️

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