April goal review

April goal review


Happy Monday and happy last day of the month. I’ll be posting two posts again today, I hope you don’t mind.

April for me has been a crazy month, I think it’s been the best month yet. I’ve been so happy, busy and working hard on myself and I feel that I am on the right track. I’ll talk about this more in Wednesdays post. For now, let’s have a recap of my April goals.

My April goals

  1. Stick to my fitness goals – I am not happy with my weight and the way I look and I try so hard to change it. If you know me or have followed me for a while, you would know the cycle I get trapped in where I work out, eat healthily but I don’t lose weight, but as soon as I have a binge on unhealthy crap, I gain. I am trying something new to try and help me shift a few pounds.
  2. Save money – I am working more shifts at the moment (thank the lord!) so I am getting a bigger income, Obviously I get months that are a little short in money and I struggle to get the things I need, so I have decided that I am going to set up a savers account (why I never had one before I don’t know) and put money in there each month and save for a rainy day.
  3. Keep my space clean – I decided completely last minute to change my room around, to get rid of my TV and create a full blogging space where I can focus on my blog and my blog only. I kind of have a habit of piling my things up though which makes everything untidy, so I am going to work on sorting things out straight away instead of leaving them.
  4. Drink two litres of water a day – Like I have said before, water and I don’t really have a great friendship. This month though, I am going to do my best to like it. Even if I drink 1.5 litres instead of 2 everyday I will still be happy.
  5. Study – Yes I don’t go to school, college or Uni but I love to learn, so I have decided to sign up to some online courses and extend my learning. Fingers crossed that one day I can go to Uni!
  6. Take more pictures – I have really let my passion for photography slip and I am so gutted! I used to go out every weekend and take new snaps and now, my roll is just full of blog post pictures instead, I am not complaining about the blog pictures but it would be refreshing to go out and see the world through a lens again.
  7. Change my social medias – I need a good sort out, today I changed my highlights on my Instagram, I am thinking of resetting my theme on there too! I want to delete and restart my Facebook page, delete my tweets and start fresh. I am also going to delete my Pinterest boards and no longer use that as a way to generate blog views. It’s time I made them look the way I want them too without worrying what brands/other people think of them.
  8. Work on my Youtube – Although I cannot start vlogging again until May because of everything going on this month I want to change my YouTube up, maybe create main channel videos as well as vlogs. I want to give it a real make over.
  9. Read more – I always distract myself when I want to read, I always find something blog wise to do so I need to take an hour off each evening just to chill and read. I don’t care how many books I read this month, it would just be nice to sit down and read.
  10. Stay true to myself and carry on reaching towards my goals – I need to be selfish, after all it’s only myself that can reach my goals. I need to do things that will get me to where I want to be, take risks even though it will piss people off. I need to start living and creating my own life instead of sitting around trying to please my friends because I am not following their path, I have dreams that I will achieve, if I have to leave them behind, I am willing to do so.

Did I achieve them?

  1. Stick to my fitness goals – I really wanted to stick to this but I just didn’t, I did get out and do more exercise. I worked a lot more this month which means I was up and walking about more instead of chilling in my bed. I just haven’t lost any weight.
  2. Save money – I did such an adult thing at the beginning of the month, I set up a savings account! Well that savings account now has money in it. Not a lot to be honest because I brought myself a new pair of shoes, but it still has some.
  3. Keep my space clean – I was doing so well with this unil Saturday when I was getting ready for a wedding and I had changed my outfit about 5 times, I had my makeup everywhere, my books moved to find my jewelry, it’s just a complete mess. I’m going to clean it tomorrow though, I haven’t been well the past few days so I’ve just put it off.
  4. Drink two litres of water every day – I have made an effort to drink more water but it’s definitely not been 2 litres. But I have been drinking more water then juice so that’s an improvement.
  5. Study – I have been doing a forensic science course online and I have been working really hard on it. So yes I have been studying.
  6. Take more pictures The only pictures I have taken are blog posts pictures, pictures from the wedding or pictures of my cousin’s so I’m not sure if that counts. I just haven’t been anywhere else to take pictures.
  7. Change my social medias – I definitely did this, I have a new feed on my Instagram, my blog logo has changed, my Pinterest is currently empty because I’m planning to do something different with it. I’m definitely working a lot harder on my social medias, and my Instagram has really grown.
  8. Work on my YouTube – My first YouTube video goes up on Wednesday! I’m doing so well with my socials!
  9. Read more – I definitely did this. I’m so happy that I’ve finished my one of us is lying book. As I said in yesterday’s post I’ll upload a post on it soon.
  10. Stay true to myself and carry on reaching towards my goals – I have completely smashed some of my goals this month and I am on the right path to reach more! I couldn’t be prouder of myself for the hard work I have put in and the length I’ll go to to create content. I should definitely turn this into a job!

Thank you for reading tonight’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading my recap. If you did, leave a like and a comment below.

I’ll be back to with a brand new interview post.

Have a great evening,

Lot’s of love,

A x



    • April 30, 2018 / 8:36 pm

      I find it best to read an hour before I go to bed, relaxes me a lot and stops me being on my phone xx

  1. May 1, 2018 / 7:35 pm

    So happy that you were at least able to do some of the goals or at least start it! By next month I’m sure you will smash them xx

    • May 1, 2018 / 8:30 pm

      Thank you sweet ❤️ xx

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