Natural World: Weightless hair oil review

Natural World: Weightless hair oil review


Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you’re all well and had a great start to the week. The sun has kept shinning today so I’d class it as a good day.

Today, I am reviewing the natural world hair coconut water weightless hair oil. I received this from Brodie and Stone and have tired this a few times to make sure I could give a fair review.

The review

I received a 25ml tube/bottle thing (I don’t really know bow to describe it) and I’m still not half way through it! I must have used this three maybe four times now. A little goes a long way with this which really impressed me.

Obviously oils are greasy, but I felt that this was slightly overly greasy and leaves my hands just not feeling clean. The smell is gorgeous though! I’m not a coconut lover (probably because I cannot eat it because I hate it) but the smell really is beautiful, definitely something that would go well on a trip to Bora Bora or somewhere hot!

My hair is usually dull even after being washed, but this really put some life back into it. I use this with a coconut hair mask from Luseta and they are both very refreshing. I don’t use the coconut mask every time I use the oil because I don’t feel that would have been fair because it could have been the mask alone creating the affects on my hair. I will do a review on the hair mask at some point because I think many of you would benefit from it.

I quite often have my hair up for work or I curl it using heat curlers so my hair can get pretty damaged but I feel like this has really helped revive my dead hair, add a natural shine and leaves it smelling good too. One thing I cannot stand is hair products that smell when you use them, but once your hair is dry they stop smelling.

I will definitely be purchasing a full size product and I want to try the other products they sell as well because I feel that they could be potential winners for looking after my hair. One thing I absolutely love about the oil is that it doesn’t make my hair greasy and it doesn’t react with my scalp (my scalp is horrible, it flakes, bleeds and sometimes blisters).

You would think that oil automatically means it will turn things greasy but it really doesn’t! The oil is made from organic coconuts which I think is really cool! It’s also free from parabens, gluten and more and made from 95% naturally derived ingredients. I am working on changing my products to organic ingredients because I want more natural products so I am definitely glad I was able to test this out.

I totally recommend this product, you can purchase their items in Tesco. The also have a website that you can find here where you can find out more information about the brand, the products, the items they use and the benefits they provide. If you are interested in checking them out, I advise that you also have a read because it’ll widen your knowledge of the products you are using and I always see that as a good thing!

That lovelies is the end of my review, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading the review on the hair mask. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to leave a like and let me know in the comments if you have used this or any other products from Natural world. I would love to know.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful evening,

Lots of love,


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