I prefer hot chocolate #7

I prefer hot chocolate #7


Happy Tuesday my loves! I hope you’ve had an amazing day, have you been to school /work/Uni today? Or have you enjoyed yet another snow day? Today I have had a really busy day, I had work today which was a lot harder then I thought it would be, I had an hour nap and then I had to go get my injection (and a talk about my weight lol).

Tonight’s post is a new interview with the amazing Sarah from The Polished Palette. I loved reading her answers so I am sure you will too! Here is Sarah’s interview.

1. Introduce yourself, what is your name?

Sarah from The Polished Palette, www.thepolishedpalette.com

2. What made you want to start a blog?

I wanted to start sharing my thoughts and reviews on makeup and beauty products 

3. What inspired your blog name?

I originally wanted my blog to just be about makeup and beauty products, so I was thinking of different names related to makeup. I tried so many different combinations of words and when I got to The Polished Palette, I loved it! 

4. Do you think your blog has been a success?

I think it’s been somewhat of a success, of course I would love to have more views, but there are people who are reading it! That makes me happy! 

5. How do you spend your day to day life when you are not blogging?

During the day, I work with children with autism as a behavioural therapist. 

6. Who knows about your blog and are they supportive?

Just my very close friends and few family members know. I’ve been nervous to share it with more people. They are very supportive and always offer post ideas! 

7. If you wasn’t blogging, what do you think you would be doing?

Honestly, probably nothing. Maybe watching more Netflix! 

8. What/who inspires your new posts?

There are many things that inspire new posts! When I’m shopping and see a new product, other bloggers or Youtubers, and Pinterest and Instagram! 

9. Do you have any social media links you would like to share?

Twitter: @polishedpalette
Instagram: @thepolishedpalette

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/polishpalette13

10. What is your blogging goal for the next 5 years?

One big goal of mine is to blog full time. I love my day job, but I would love to be able to blog full time because it’s such a passion. I love being able to try new products and write reviews about things/places!

Thank you so much Sarah for taking part and for answering my questions. I really enjoyed this and I will make sure I am following all of your socials.

If you enjoyed Sarah’s interview, make sure you check out her blog and socials too! If you want to take part in this series just fill out my contact form or email me.

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Thank you all so much for reading, if you enjoyed this post be sure to leave a like and a comment to let me know how your day has been.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow with a brand new post.



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  1. March 21, 2018 / 11:04 am

    This is a lovely post! I look forward to discover your entire blog! Cheers 😊

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