Book review: Benjy Bunn’s busy day

Book review: Benjy Bunn’s busy day

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Happy Wednesday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day or if your day is just starting, I hope it rocks! Today, I am bringing you one of the best reviews I have ever done. I was lucky enough to review an amazing book, I honestly wish I had this book during my childhood! It’s amazing, 100% something I will purchase for my children if I ever have them. Before I start my review, I want to give you some more information about the book.

Bev Scott Prior first wrote the Benjy Bunn series in the early 1970’s to read to her children at her local nursery. The pages of the first copies of the stories, typed by her husband 45 years ago, are worn and weathered, each page smudged and frayed by the hands of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now in 2018, Benjy has been brought to life by her grandson James Burns, the main illustrator of the series. The Benjy Bunn Books series is filled with old-fashioned charm, wit and wonderful musicality.
The first book in the series is about Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day around his home. Benjy Bunn believes that he is doing good, helping his Mummy in the house and Daddy in the garden, however it is evident to the reader that his actions are actually causing mayhem in his family home. Whether it’s preparing food, tidying his room, or doing the gardening, Benjy gets it ever-so wrong.
The book is due to be released on 15th May 2018 in the UK, and is currently available to pre-order at and It will shortly also be available on Amazon in both physical and eBook format.
How amazing is that!? I am truly honoured to have had the opportunity to read this book and see just how well James has done with this book. I am certain that Bev would be so proud of how Benjy has turned out! So here is my review.

Benjy Bunn’s book review

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First of all, the front cover of the book is appealing, bright and easy to read. I love the fact that it’s yellow because children go for the bright coloured books (I know this because I did work experience in a pre-school) and this is something that will automatically grab some attention.

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As you can see in this photo, you can see that the other books are quite dull and essentially boring, Benjy Bunn’s yellow cover gives that pop and increases the chance of being picked up. Just think, would you rather read a bright yellow book or a dull white book? I know what one I would pick!

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I love how each page is a different colour, has a bright picture and not too many words on each page either. Children do not focus when there are lots of words on one page, (again using my work experience knowledge) so I love the fact that the writing is never in blocks all together with lots of words. I loved the fact that each illustration was different, had a lot of detail, yet remained in a children’s interest. Using different size fonts/ making some words bold, really helps with the interaction. It makes it easier for them to read and follow along. Some that try and read with you find this easier too because you aren’t struggling to find the right word.

The story itself is great and easy to follow along, it caused a lot of disgust (using a dirty fork and using play dough in the cake) but also had some smiles too. My cousin was shocked at the mess he made not only in the kitchen but in his room and outside too with plenty of “Oh No’s”. She absolutely loved this story and wanted more when it was over (I had to disappoint her and tell her it was the end).

As an adult, I loved the book too. It’s exactly the type of trouble children get into and that’s what made me chuckle. The fact that it was a rabbit that created these issues makes it a lot more enjoyable too. I am very excited for the release date and I honestly think that if you work in a pre-school or primary school, you should get a few copies for the children, they’ll love it. I’d say the age limit is about 7/8 but anyone younger would love this and find it amusing.


That is the end of my review, I hope you enjoyed it, let me know if you have ever read Benjy Bunn’s stories before and if you have which ones you recommend. I honestly recommend this to all of my teacher friends and mummy/daddy friends too! It’s a great way to keep the children quiet for a while (before you want to send them to bed at noon because you’ve just had enough of them!)

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you did by leaving a like and a comment below. You know I am always up for a chat 😉 I would really appreciate it if you could share this with your friends too (every little helps).

I’ll be back Friday with a new post. Can you guess what it is? Leave your suggestions below.



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