Why I will never purchase from Makemymonth again

Why I will never purchase from Makemymonth again


Happy Monday and welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday. I have been back to my usual productive self and I am very proud of the things I have achieved today.

Today, I am bringing you the tea sipping post I mentioned on my Instagram a few days ago. Now, I am not doing this to cause any hate towards this company, this is in no way me telling you not to check them out/purchase from them because you may have a very different experience. All of this is my personal opinion (which I will not apologise for nor will I remove).

Today I am talking about why I will never purchase from Makemymonth again, if you haven’t heard of them before, here is a link to their shop so you can have a little look.

Way back in January, (28th to be exact) I ordered my box costing £7. Everything was great, it said it takes 5-7 days to deliver so I waited for it to arrive. 5-7 days passed, still nothing, so I waited a little longer.

Still nothing, so I DM’d them asking if they could have a look to see where it is. I messaged them on the 6th of February asking if they knew how long it would roughly be because I wanted it for a blogpost and then I messaged them again on the 11th to say that it still hadn’t arrived.

On the 11th I asked if they could track to see where the parcel was and they told me that it was lost in the post somewhere (which I’m sorry I do not believe) and that they have sent a new one out for me. I thanked them for doing that and waited for my second box to arrive. They told me that it should arrive by the 12th and to let them know if it doesn’t. The 12th arrived but still no box. They said they would check the tracking, but now I believe that the box wasn’t posted with a tracking ID (the ones you have to sign for to say you recieved the box), I didn’t hear anything back, so on the 13th after still not recieving the box I messaged them again asking where it could be. I was fed up of waiting and my post was no longer going to go up, so I asked if it doesn’t arrive by Friday, if I can get a refund. They said yes and so I waited until Friday, everyday hoping that this box would turn up.

Friday came and I still had no box, I was annoyed to say the least, so I asked for my refund. I had already waited 17 working days for the box to arrive. I think thats long enough, don’t you? So Saturday 17th I asked for my refund and they told me that I could have it no problem. I payed through paypal so all they had to do was transfer the £7 straight over with no complications, it takes 5 minutes (I have done this myself so I know how long it takes).

On Tuesday 20th I messaged them again because the refund had not gone in which was unusual they told me it should have gone in. I don’t think they actually transferred the money over and here is why. Friday 23rd I messaged them again asking about the refund and within a few minutes of me asking, the refund then went through. It was transferred on Friday 23rd which means they didn’t transfer it when they told me they did.

Personally, I will not be using this company again, I don’t belive I should have waited 17 days for a box to arrive that should have taken 5-7 days, I don’t believe that they looked into where both boxes went and I don’t believe the boxes had tracking codes on in the first place. I also don’t belive they issued the refund when they said they did due to it saying on my statement that it was issued on Friday 23rd.

I cannot tell you what the products are like because none of mine arrived. I have heard from a few people (this is classed as hear say so take what you will from it) that the box was very over priced for what you actually recieved.

One of my friends recieved a USED lipgloss and a USED eyeliner (you can tell they have been used because 1) they didn’t have a seal on anymore, 2) the product was on the outside packaging (around the lid and 3) the product was just not in the right places. (You know when you buy a new gloss or lipstick or whatever and the stick/wand is clean, so is the opening, well not in her case, her wand was just covered in product as was the opening, and we all know it takes some doing to get things like that everywhere!) She also recieved a packet of those violet sweets (I don’t know what they are called! They are sort of like the love heart sweets) and she recieved a few packets of creams or whatever from magazines. She knows that one of them 100% came out of a magazine because she had given the exact same packet to her sister.

I think this is a case of some young girls who are trying to make some money but have no real experience on how to do so, I think they need to get help from someone who knows what they are doing in order to provide the best possible service. I also think they need to work on the product itself to create the best boxes to sell in order to get reliable customers. I truly believe that once they have done this they can become the successful business that they truly want to be, just as of right now, it’s not that great.

As I said in the begining, you may find your experience be totally different from mine, yours could be a huge success, but unfortunately mine was not and mine was not not resolved in a fast and effective way.

I am sorry if the brand reads this and finds this offence, but as I stated, this is all my opinion so I will not remove this post.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my post, if you did leave a like and let me know if you have ever used this brand/company place before or if you are curious and want to see what they are about.

I would love to know your own opinions, maybe I was just very unlucky!

See you tomorrow,


A x



  1. February 27, 2018 / 12:10 am

    I’ve never heard of Makemymonth but the service sounds awful! I’m glad you got your money back in the end x

    • February 27, 2018 / 7:00 am

      Me too! It’s such a shame though, was really looking forward to trying it out xx

  2. February 27, 2018 / 8:29 am

    I know, it’s disappointing xx

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