Five things to do more of

Five things to do more of


Happy Monday, how are you? Who went back to school today? Or are you just starting your half term? Either way, I hope you have had an amazing day.

Today has been a day full of Netflix and colouring, so I have quite enjoyed myself. That’s actually how I came across the idea of this post. My little brain did some thinking and I have come up with 5 things I think you should do more of, and my reasons why, so without anymore rambles, here they are.

5 things to do more of

1. Express gratitude: Some of us are born with things just given to us and others of us have to work hard for what we have, but all of us don’t show enough gratitude. We may say a simple thank you every now and then, but is it really enough? Do people really know that you mean it?

Expressing gratitdue is a sign of strength, you are strong enough to know when others have helped you along your journey to become who you are today. Expressing gratitude lifts a lot of weight from your shoulders and creates that spring in not only yours but everyone elses steps too.

2. Compliment people: Whether it be your mum, best friend or a total stranger, is it so bad to tell someone that they look good, that you like their make-up or outfit or their hair. Does it bring you any pain to do this? No. I’ll let you know a little secret, those who are complimented, they don’t forget that, it brightens their mood, maybe their day, they walk around feeling so good about themselves. They wear the biggest smile which is contagious! All of that is because YOU did something nice. Don’t be afraid to tell someone, I mean, we all do it over social media, so why not do it in public?

3. Smile: Smiling is healthy, it’s good for your skin, almost as good as the sun! Most of us (and don’t lie) walk around with a resting bitch face, or as my mum likes to say, we walk around falling over our bottom lip, or we have a face that looks like a slapped arse. Either one is not good! We don’t walk around with our heads high and a smile plastered across our face and I don’t know why. We have so much good going on, so much that we should be smiling about, but instead, we walk around as if the weight of the world relies on us.

We need to learn to smile, even if its just at ourselves in the mirror or in a reflection, we need to smile, to bring the brightness back, to bring the moods up and make the sun shine in the morning and to make the birds sing. We need to smile before we end up with worry lines in our foreheads instead of laugh lines.

4. Spend time away from your phone: I have learnt the hard way that life doesn’t stop just because you don’t feel like living. Life will carry on with or without you. But, would you rather live a life where nobody knows your name, or a life where everyone knows your name. I know what I would prefer.

Time doesn’t stop, you age, you see things and you miss things because you are too caught up in the next drama Facebook brings you. You miss the key points in life because your phone is right in front of your eyes instead. You’re not growing up and learning new things, you’re growing up, locked into the world of phones and technology, with no idea whats going on around you.

Just once in a while take a break, leave your phone alone, experience things going on around you, create memories you can re-tell your children in the future instead of posting it all over Snapchat. Live in the now, be in the moments.

Last but not least,

5. Be yourself: Society is a horrible place, you can’t fit in no matter what you do or how hard you try. Too fat, too skinny, too pretty, too ugly ect, but the cold hard truth is, no-one will remember that when you’re gone! No one will remember what colour hair you had, what dress size you were, they don’t even care if you was a bitch or not. Truth is, they don’t care at all.

Stop trying to fit in, to be like everyone else. You wasn’t put on this world to be a copy, you were made to be an orginal, so be exactly that. Whether people accept you or not, you need to do you, people will only remember you if you change the world, so change the world and stand out.

That’s all 5 things I think you should do more of, and why. I think I have some vaild points. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, leave a like and comment below 1 thing you think we should do more of and why. If you really enjoyed my post, share with your friends and social media and inspire them to do more.

Thank you for reading, I hope I have inspired some of you. Don’t forget to leave a comment.


A x



  1. February 20, 2018 / 2:39 pm

    The phone one sounds so easy, I’ve been doing it myself and I found myself constantly grabbing it to check my notifications; it was like a reflex. But it feels so good to not do that and concentrate on your surroundings 🙂 Really like the positivity of this post because we need that a lot nowadays 😊 S. xx

    • February 20, 2018 / 2:42 pm

      Thank you! Sometimes the easiest things are overlooked but I’m glad that you do this! It’s so good to have time to refresh and reflect.
      Thank you for reading 💜 xx

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