About my new blog & my shop

About my new blog & my shop


Happy Sunday lovelies, how are you? Before I start, I want to apologise for not being active on my social media’s today, I have been at work and then had some me time without my phone. I am now currently in bed typing this, then afterward I will be spamming you all with my love.

I’ve gotten a few questions and I just want to answer them all in a post for you to make it easier, if you still have questions after this post, drop them below and I will get back to you.

First of all, let’s talk about my new blog. You can find it here: alannaslifejourney.blogspot.co.uk. I created this blog for when my life changes (e.g. I have children, I move out ect.) Alanna’s life journey is going to be about my life and that’s it. I don’t have a set schedule for it, I will post on there as and when I need too.

I will not be stopping this blog, I only started this blog in December and already we are growing so fast and I am so grateful for every opportunity I have been given already! I am so proud of this blog, of who it’s shaped me to be and of the future that it’s going to hold. I will still be posting on here every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Nothing will change with this, unless I update you otherwise, but as far as I am aware, things will still be as they are.

My main priority is this blog and that will never change. I want this one to be the one that grows and become a great success, one that I will be known for. I don’t mind if you follow my other blog, and I don’t mind if you don’t. My Alanna’s life journey blog is more for me and to keep my memories somewhere, it’s down to you if you want to follow those journeys or not. I will never force you to follow it, or to read it for that matter. I wouldn’t care if that blog had 0 followers, I didn’t create it for that reason.

Right now, I am not planning on having children, I mean, I’m 19 and still haven’t had sex (yes you can laugh at me) so it is off the table right now, but in the future I would love too so my blog is there for me to be able to share that as and when it happens. I am also not moving out anytime soon (unless you can live in a house with £70 a month) but again, I will be able to share it there as and when that happens.

That’s it in regards to my new blog, I’ve linked it just incase you want to check it out. Now onto my shop.

Last year I said how I was going to create my own popsockets and I have done exactly that. I have four styles and all are available to purchase now, by heading to my shop www.lifelikeagalaxygirl.bigcartel.com

The prices are £18.00 +£1.50 postage. This may seem very expensive to some but let me explain the reason for this price.

To create a popsocket to send to you, it costs me £15 + postage. With the prices being £18 + £1.50 postage I am only recieving £4.50 profit. Well technically not even that! As a profit I make £2.10 on each popsocket you buy. So I am not being greedy and asking for a lot of money to make a lot of profit, I am asking for a reasonable amount in order to make some kind of profit.

So far, the most sold popsockets are these ones:

Delivery is being a little shite right now, which is out of my control, but it is aimed around 10-15 days.

If you purchase more the one popsocket, you get free delivery. Here is all four designs:

As I said, all are available for purchase, if you have any questions about them please don’t be afraid to ask. In the future I plan on bringing out different items (blog post idea books ect).

Well, that’s all for now, I hope I have cleared a few things up, and if you didn’t know about either of them, well now you do. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you check out my popsockets. If you enjoyed my post, leave a like and comment below what other products you would like to see next in my shop. If you really enjoyed, why not share my shop with your friends and social media.

That’s all from me until tomorrow,


A x


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