How my day has been #5

How my day has been #5


Happy Saturday! How are you? Can you believe its the weekend already! This week has gone by so quickly and I feel as though I haven’t really done anything. This weeks vlog is a bit of a let down too! I feel like a parent thats been thrown out of my routine due to it being half term.

Today has been a very hit or miss day with me. I started out in a bad mood (had the worst dream ever) so I decided to just chill and do some work. I didn’t realise that I never shared this with you, but my popsockets (my merch) has been live for a few weeks, you can purchase them here. I worked on making an Instagram for my shop, but my main focus is my blog and personal pages so I wont be posting on there everyday. My other two pop sockets have been released today so all four styles are now available. Delivery is being a bit crap right now, I’m not really sure what’s going on but its going to take 10-15 working days. So just keep that in mind, it’s out of my control but I am doing my best to fix the issue.

Today I have uploaded and scheduled my vlog. I can’t quite believe how well I have been at doing them, I would have given up by now. I also have some ideas for blog posts written down (all the way until 2037) and I am feeling a lot more at ease. I don’t find myself stressing over what to post.

I am trying to organise my life, and honestly, it’s not working. I used to have some knowledge of what I want to achieve, by when and why. Now, I feel lost, I have no idea where I want to be, who I want to be or what I want to be doing. It’s not the greatest feeling. I feel like I am a let down and I am disapointing everyone.

My mood shifted during the day, I was happy for a while, I spent that time curled up in bed having some me time, to get over my silly thoughts. I decided to watch some Netflix and ended up crying which put me in a bad mood again. (One of my favourite characters died and the whole scene was emotional and I hated it so I cried). I also inflicted pain on myself by putting a new matress sheet on, it’s the hardest, most stressful and crappiest job ever! I always tell myself I will never do it again, but I am always forcing myself to go through that torture.

My mood dropped again when my sibling decided to act as though she was the best, better than me and spoke over me every chance she got. I decided to bite my tongue, which hurt a lot actually, and I kept my cool, but she still carried on. So most of my day has consisted of me being in a mood, staying in bed, reading, watching netflix and occasionally doing a bit of work.

I’ve not really left my room today, only when I have really needed too but even then I have moaned about it. I haven’t drunk enough today either which means I am a little dehydrated and that makes me really irritable. I haven’t really ate a lot today either, but over the last couple of days, I haven’t eaten that much, and I don’t know why. My siblings had two dinners last night while I had one and couldn’t finish it all because I was full. So I am either still ill or my thoughts are getting the best of me.

As I’ve said, today has been pretty hit or miss and I have not loved it at all. I feel low, really low and just like crap to be honest. Tomorrow I am working so I am hoping my mood will be better, but today I have just shut myself out of the world and stayed in my room, not revealing anythin to anyone.

Sorry there isn’t a lot here tonight, I am still feeling down and I hust want the ground to swallow me whole. After this I will be heading back to Netflix and maybe going to get my first cup of tea to the day.

I think that is all my loves, thank you for reading, check out my pop sockets. I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you have, leave a big like and a comment about your day. If you really enjoyed, share with your and mine.


A x


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