How I spent Valentines day

How I spent Valentines day


Happy Thursday lovelies, I can’t believe how fast this week is going. How has your day been? Today has been my busiest day, I have spent my day in bed writing blog post after blog post, reading email after email and planning things for my future. I am exhausted, but to say I am excited for the future is an understatement.

Anyway, today’s post is not about my future, it’s technically about the past, yesterday to be precise. As everyone knows, yesterday was Valentines day, the day where couples showcase their cringey love, us singletons turn bitter and everyone celebrates either with their loved ones or their friends. I am single and I was a little bitter I wont lie, I do have a valid reason though! Yesterday I didn’t spend the day with any loved ones or my friends, I was all alone.

Well not completely alone, my kitten gave me a lot of attention and a few friends kept snap chatting me so I didn’t feel too bad. I also had a me day, so I wasn’t in complete despair. That’s what I wanted to share in this post with you. The things I did in my Valentines day me day.

I woke up at 10:30, did a bit of housework and then I had a delivery. I ordered some clothes and I obviously had to try them on. I brought a black off the shoulder top, which I hated, a checked dress, which I am too tall for so I have to wear it as a shirt, and an Ann Summers bra and knickers set. The bra is the wrong size though, so I added it to my Depop ( I didn’t try it on!) but I kept the underwear because I could use them for when it’s that time of the month. (Sorry for the TMI). I will upload a picture of the shirt dress thing on my 21 buttons account if I haven’t already.

After my deliveries, I chilled in bed for a bit, I was cold so I was wearing my slipper boots, had a hot water bottle on me wrapped in my dressing down, snuggled underneath my duvet with a cup of tea and reading my book while listening to a Valentine playlist on Spotify. I had my candles burning on my side too. It was a cute little set up. I read a couple of chapters of my book and then I must have fell asleep because the next time I checked my phone, time had passed very quickly.

I then watched a few episodes of the Originals on Netflix before getting up and getting another cup of tea. I carried on my conversations that I forgot about on my Snapchat, checked on all of my social media’s and then I read some more. I’m now on Chapter six of my book. Hopefully by the end of today I will finish it, even though it has thirty-seven chapters. After I read, it was time for dinner, I had chicken with a small salad (most salad bits give me really bad acid so I can’t have a lot.) After dinner, I had to get a bit creative, I had to make a Valentines card, but make it look as though it was made by a 7 year old, so I got some patterned paper, made my mum cut out a heart because I am not that great at things like that, I then stuck it on with some purple tape, making it look messy. Inside the card, I had to write with my left hand which was harder then I thought it would be, I had my tongue sticking out while I was concentrating and I managed to create the perfect seven year old looking card ever, I was very impressed with myself. My mum made a makeshift envelope out of some other patterned paper and we took it over to my cousins house because I wanted to brag about my skills!

After all of that excitement, I headed back home and up to my room to take pictures for last nights post, which you can read here. Once I finished with my post, I decided to get back into my cosy bed again, so I made myself some tea, put on a facemask (the worst facemask ever!) put some music on, put my dressing down on and a pair of socks and just chilled. After taking my facemask off which took half an hour to remove! I climbed back into bed, turned my music off, said goodnight to a special someone and fell asleep in the best mood ever.

That concludes my post, I know I didn’t exactly have the most romantic or the most outstanding day but compared to the normal days I have, I had the best day. I hope you enjoyed reading tonight’s post, if you did leave a like and leave a comment letting me know how your Valentines day was. If you really enjoyed my post why not share with your friends and social media too.

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Lots of love to all of you,

A x



  1. February 15, 2018 / 11:06 pm

    Aaw I’m glad you had a lovely Valentines. Watching Netflix and being cosy in bed sounds lovely😊 x

    • February 16, 2018 / 6:45 am

      Thank you 😊 xx

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