My January favourites

My January favourites


How are you? Happy Saturday. Today has been a very slow day, I’ve been to work and that’s about it to be honest, I don’t have the energy, nor do I want to do anything. The weather has put me into a bit of a gloomy mood too, this morning I was feeling alright, the fresh breeze and -1°C weather didn’t bother me, I actually quite enjoyed it, but now, it’s dark skies, raining on and off and just horrid. What’s your weather like? Are you enjoying the sun or are you like me, getting those rapid on and off showers?

Anyway, todays post isn’t about the weather, as you can see, today I am sharing my January favourites. I feel like January has dragged, it has just gone on and on. Even though this month has been never ending, I don’t actually have many favourites. But here is what I have loved.

January favourites

– I treated myself to some FAKE Kylie Jenner mattle lipgloss things. I would have brought the real ones but at the time I only had £10 in my bank, so there was no way I was getting them. I am totally obsessed with them! No one knew that they were fake and they loved the shades on me. I totally reccomend them! I brought them on Amazon for £4.98.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners these were gifted to me for a sponsership post so I didn’t actually purchase them myself, but I have used them every day since I recieved them, my favourite is “pink of me” and I use this in my water line. It just makes my eyes look bigger and I think it looks nice.

Hot chocolate with ice cream is my ultimate fave! I use vanilla ice cream instead of milk and it is lush! It’s so much better then using milk. You can use dairy free ice cream too and it works just the same.

– The fluffy grey blanket I recieved at Christmas is so amazing. It is the softest most cosy blanket I have ever had!

– My kitten Mimi she is a little bundle of joy. She is also a little biatch at times! She attacks me but she makes up for it by following up the stairs to bed, she jumps onto my bed and curls up at the end. It’s very cute!

– My blog. I know this shouldn’t be on my list but it is because it has done so well! Better than my old one actually. To think it’s only been running for two months is amazing! I am so excited to watch this one grow and become successful!

– My bum is another one favourite of mine. I don’t workout or anything, I was gifted with a decent size and shaped bum, recently I have been loving the way it looks! It’s a fine ass haha. Okay but seriously, even my mum is a little jealous of it!

That is the end of my favourites lovelies, I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I hope my bum being a part of my favourites didn’t bother you too much. I’d love to know what your favourites are too!

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Have a wonderful weekend,


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