How my day has been #3

How my day has been #3


Happy Wednesday. How are you all? Today I am bringing you another how my day has been post. I love writing these and it seems that you enjoy reading them too which is great!

So I’m going to jump straight into it.

Today has been my most work filled day, I haven’t even vlogged today. I went into work today to cover someone. It was hard work I wont lie. The building was so hot, I think because the weather was so bad they went round and turned on all the heaters. I was like a pig on a hog roast. It made working really hard because heat is one of my triggers for my seizures, so I kept having dizzy spells, and I just didn’t feel right the whole time. I pushed on through though, I made sure I drank enough water so I didn’t collapse but I knew deep down that something wasn’t right.

After work, I still wasn’t feeling my normal self, I was feeling sick, I was too hot and I had one of my headaches. By one of my headaches I mean it’s another trigger, I get a headache that feels like I am being stabbed in the head. Not the nicest feeling in the world. I got home and I had a cup of tea, cheese and onion roll and a few other nibbly bits. I still didn’t feel right though.

After my lunch, I decided to get into bed and have a nap, it was the best nap I have ever had. Sleep is a good way for my body to regulate everything and regain control, so when I woke up I felt so much better. I still felt sick but I no longer had a headache and I didn’t feel as weird.

I think I am coming down with something though because my temperature has been all over the place, I keep feeling sick and now all over my body I am coming up with little red spots. It’s not because I’m not clean, I showered yesterday and even that brought out more. They’re painful and itchy, but I don’t want to go to my GP because I don’t think they’re that serious. If they get worse then I think I’ll go.

Currently the time is 7:10pm and I need to write this post in time for 8pm, so I am laying in bed tying away while snuggled under my duvet. I am very cosy. I have a few emails I need to respond to, they’re quite important but I might leave them until tomorrow morning when I go on my laptop.

My plans for tonight aren’t very exciting, I need to remove my make-up, do my skincare, put my pj’s on, brush my teeth then jump into bed and read my book. Such a wild night I know. I do just feel like sleeping though, so I think I’ll skip most of that, put my pj’s on and just fall asleep. Although I need to be awake to share this otherwise no one reads it. Such a battle.

So overall, my day has been okay, the highlight was my nap, the lowlight was feeling so low and crappy. Tomorrow will be a better day because I’ll be back into my normal routine and I can take my time to do things.

Thank you for reading my post tonight lovelies, I’m quite proud that I managed to get one up today. I hope you enjoyed reading about my day, I’d love to know how your day was and what you got up to in the comments below.

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I’ll see you again on Friday.


A x


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