Marc Jacobs Beauty: Highliner review

Marc Jacobs Beauty: Highliner review


How are you? Happy Wednesday. Today I am sharing with you a post that i have been very excited to write. I know that many other bloggers have put up the same post but I don’t care, this has honestly got to be my highlight of the month so far!

On Friday 5th I received an email from Influenster, an app that I totally forgot I was signed up for. It told me that I was going to receive a Marc Jacobs Beauty VoxBox. Marc Jacobs Beauty! I freaked out a little I won’t lie, I mean Marc Jacobs is such a huge brand so I was feeling pretty privileged to be able to test their products. Saturday 6th came and I received the VoxBox, I also received my camera but i was more excited about opening up this box to see what I had received. Inside the box came two highliner’s, they are pretty much eyeliners just better. I received the shades Pink of me and (Earth)quake to test out.

To complete the task that came with receiving the products I had to upload a post to my Instagram, which I am sure you have all seen, upload a post to Twitter, write a review on John Lewis and follow Marc Jacobs Beauty on social media. That was it! I completed these tasks and unlocked my Marc Jacobs Beauty badge which to be honest with you, I’m not really sure what that actually means. I didn’t want to just leave it there though because this is my first “collaboration” type of thing so I wanted to do a post about them too.

This post is not sponsored in anyway, I received these products complimentary from Influenster. All pictures and opinions are my own.

Okay so now that that is cleared up, lets get onto reviewing the products.

That package it came in was simple but cute. It was a black box with Marc Jacobs Beauty on the top and Influenster on the side. Opening it up, the first thing I saw was a little Marc Jacobs Beauty brochure which I had a little read off. Underneath that were two boxes which contained the highliner’s. Opening the boxes up and taking them out made me even more excited to try them. It’s a silver pencil design with a twisting bottom so you can move the liner up/down depending how much product you want to use.

I have never worn eyeliner before, so trying a highliner was completely new to me. I’ve tried eyeliner before, I just couldn’t put it on properly, it wouldn’t be even, it would smudge and just look awful. These highliner’s blew me away! Super easy to put on, in fact it literally glided over my eye lid creating an even line that was not smudged and it actually looked good. The pigment in them was absolutely mind blowing, the shade pink of me, really is pink! A cute little pale pink colour which went well with my golden eyeshadow. I also tried the shade (Earth)quake and I loved it too! The pigmentation is honestly the best I have seen. I used this shade to create more of a smokey eye look, so I smudged it out a little (without making it look uneven and disgusting), it smudged really well. Once set, they are bloody stubborn, rubbing your eyes will not make them shift.

If you were a little more experimentive with your make-up (which I am not) you could use both of these colours together, you would apply the darker shade on the top of your lid and use the lighter colour for the bottom, or you could do the light colour on top and the dark colour on the bottom, all depends on your preference.

I am going to be raving about these for a while and I will be using them a lot in my make-up days. My dad is even impressed with them, and he is far from a make-up lover or guru. You can purchase these from John Lewis for £20 each, there are a variety of colours too, some of them are daring, others a little more natural.

I wouldn’t have ever used these if it wasn’t for Influenster. I urge you to download this app, you can come across so many opportunities. If your account is good enough (your score is high) you’re more likely to attract a brands attention and therefore be within a chance of receiving a VoxBox. As I stated this is not sponsored but I wouldn’t have had this opportunity had I not signed up. If you would like a more in depth post about Influenster, let me know in the comments and I will come up with one for you.

I would just like to say too everyone else who received this VoxBox, Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed your items just as much as I did and if you have written a post on the items you received, please leave a link in the comments, I would love to read it. I also want to say that I know I am not special for receiving this box, like someone pointed out to me, “loads” of people received it. I am however so grateful to be picked because actually the brand didn’t pick “loads” of people.

Thank you for reading tonight’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and I hoped you liked my pictures too (I tried to be professional). If you did like my post leave a like and let me know if you have ever tried Marc Jacobs Beauty highliner’s or if you are going to check them out. If you really enjoyed reading my post, don’t forget to share with your friends, who knows, maybe it will encourage them to buy some.

I look forward to seeing you again on Friday with a fun post.

Lots of love as usual,

A x

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