Hello 2018

Hello 2018


Welcome to a new post, a new week and a new year! I am thrilled to be starting a new year with so many of you wonderful people. I have a feeling this year is going to be the best. I have quite a lot planned and I am working on some very exciting things too, I will not reveal too much now, I will let you know further on in the year.

As many of you know, I love setting myself monthly goals and resolutions. I must have them written down in order for myself to stick to them, so I thought what better way to start of the year by sharing my years resolutions and my January goals. I’d love to know two of your years resolutions and one of your January goals.

Without further ado, here are my new years resolutions.

New years resolutions

  1. Drink more water. – I don’t drink enough water so I plan on downloading an app to track how much/ how little I drink.
  2. Move more. – I spend a large amount of time sitting at my desk writing blog posts and editing photographs. I do plan on reaching at least 10,000 steps a day. Wish me luck!
  3. Explore/travel more. – I want to go on holiday so blooming bad! I so hope I get too. For the time being, I do plan on getting out more and getting some great snaps too.
  4. Hands write letters. – Why doesn’t anyone do this anymore? The only time I get a letter is if I have a bill overdue or I have yet another hospital appointment. I want a pen pal!
  5. Eat more. – The last few months of 2017 I went through a stage where one of my closest friends told me I looked really fat and that made me very insecure. I stopped eating properly and would only eat one meal a day. So this year, in order to fix my weight, I need to balance my diet and actually eat.
  6. Take a full day from social media every month. – Being a blogger and an upcoming YouTuber, my life is going to revolve around social media. There is no escaping it, so just once a month, I want to take a day off to sort of detox from it all.
  7. Save £250. – I have 12 months to save this so it should be possible.
  8. Sort through my clothes. – I need to have a proper sort out. I need to either sell or throw away my clothes. I have far too many that are the wrong size.
  9. No alcohol. – Yes that’s right, no drinking. I gave up smoking last year so why not drinking too.
  10. Read. – I have a mountain of books that I want to read, so for half an hour every night instead of being on my phone I plan on reading instead.
  11. Write in my diary. – I made myself a diary because I hold onto my emotions and let things simmer up until I blow which isn’t healthy, so I thought having a diary would be easier because I can just write down what I’m feeling and why.
  12. Stick to themes. – I am planning on doing themes for each month, my plan is to make my blog and Instagram sort of match and make my page look better than what it was. January’s theme is rose gold, so if you’re interested, follow my Instagram to keep up-to-date with my themes.

That’s the end of my new year resolutions. I set myself 12 of them because there are 12 months so hopefully if I stick to one per month I will complete them. That’s the theory anyway. So next up is my January goals.

I’ve set myself goals for January as well as resolutions because without set goals, I am not motivated to do anything, I lose sight of what I have to do and then I get angry at myself for not achieving the things I want to.

January goals

  1. Have a morning skin care routine. – I sort of have a night routine, but in the morning I literally just wash my face then slap make-up all over it. So I want to sort out a proper routine in order to look after my skin.
  2. Have a night skin care routine. – As I said, I sort of have one. I just need to create one that I can stick too.
  3. Read 2 books. – I have 31 days to read two books, I’m sure that’s enough time.
  4. Take more photographs. – Back in November I was locked out of my Snapchat account in which I lost all of my photographs, that includes my photos of my family and my day trips. It also has pictures of family members that are no longer with me, Snapchat was bloody awful and told me there was nothing I could do so I am left without any pictures. So I am going to take as many as I can this month and store them somewhere safe.
  5. Get my photography account back up and running. – I have a photography Instagram account (follow it if you’d like www.instagram.com/alannahollambys_photography). I’d like to post on it more often.
  6. Upload a weight picture on Twitter. – On my twitter I am uploading a picture of my weight everyday for 365 days. This is to show myself that no matter what diet I use, how many times I go running, or how much chocolate I stuff in my face, my body is bound to change whether I like it or not. It’s also an encouragement for me to actually like my body.

Those are my January goals. I only have six to stick too so I should be able to achieve them. If not, I am just a lazy bitch.

Don’t forget I am weekly vlogging so subscribe to my channel, they will be uploaded on Sundays at 4pm.

Thank you all so much for coming back and reading my post. I am very excited to be sharing a new year with you all. If you enjoyed my post, leave a like and a comment two of your new year resolutions and one of your January goals. If you really enjoyed my post, share it with your friends.

Wishing you a happy new year and sending you lots of love,

A x



  1. January 1, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Happy New Year hun! I love setting resolutions too. I have 4/5 this year I’ll probably try to keep too☺ x

    • January 1, 2018 / 8:48 pm

      Happy new year to you too 💜 Good luck with them xx

  2. January 1, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    Happy new year Alanna ,this year I didn’t set a resolutions I never keep them just things I hope to accomplish before the year runs out😄,I hope you smash them all

    • January 1, 2018 / 8:50 pm

      Happy new year to you too 💜 thank you. I’m sure this year you’ll accomplish everything you want too and more xx

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