Tips for last minute shopping

Tips for last minute shopping


Happy Saturday! Only two more sleeps to go until Christmas! Are you excited now? Or are you still not ready? I know that loads of people still haven’t finished their shopping, so I thought I would share some tips for you to try and avoid the stress.

My first advice would have been not to leave it last minute but I understand that sometimes other commitments get in the way. So here are some top tips for you.

Last minute shopping tips

  • If you are going into a town centre to go shopping, go in early.

I know that waking up early and going shopping is literally like waking up in hell, but if you go in early, less people will be in your way so you are able to go in, grab what you need and leave again. If you go in later, you have more people wandering around getting in your way, so what could be a half an hour trip could turn into over an hour trip.

  • Shop online

DO NOT do this if you are planning on doing this today or tomorrow, you simply wont get in time, even if you pay for next day delivery. Everyone seems to think it’s a good idea to order online the day before, which means the parcel delivery people are swamped with packages, more then they should be, which means they have to start earlier and finish later, meaning that their family time is shortened because you’re being a dick. Remember they are bloody human too.

  • Promo codes

Use them if they are available, so what someone is getting a small percentage if you use their code, they’re probably getting the minimum percentage. They are trying to save you money on the items you love, Don’t question it, just bloody say “Thank you” and go purchase it.

  • 3 for 2

Boots and Superdrug do the best 3 for two deals o check their for some great items. Just think, you can buy two gifts for say £8 each, so that means it’s £16 each, and then you get your third £8 gift for free. Saving money is my favourite thing, so getting free gifts is like hitting the jackpot. Just an extra tip, boots have the best Baylis & Harding sets, gorgeous candles and even some super snazzy cups.

  • Gift cards

So you’ve left it too late and now the item that you was going to get has now gone, so why not buy a gift card for that store instead? That way, in January when all the sales hit, they’ll have a gift card to use to save them even more money on the items that they have chosen.

  • Give up

Don’t give up. So you’ve made it harder for yourself but it’s not mission impossible. One way or another you will be able to get those gifts, even if you have to fight someone for it, have faith, everything will work out. If it doesn’t just drink lots and lots of wine.

That my lovelies, is my last minute shopping tip. I hope they are somewhat useful. I usually buy my presents in the black Friday sales, so I don’t technically have any experience of the shopping stress.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did don’ forget to leave a like and a comment. Share ant tips you might have too. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and an even better day tomorrow,

Stay safe,

A x


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